By Lee Littlewood, Book Editor
Copely News Service 
Monday, June 2th 2008

A gloriously innovative picture book for all ages

In this Broadway-meets-fairy tale story, a hip young girl with amazing hairstyling abilities is put to the test after the Vanities – three wicked divas – try to steal the spotlight.

A fantastic Cinderella-like, modern day tale, “The Vanities” is most impressive in its indescribable artwork – fashionable collages both sophisticated, ingenious and smart. An old military officer, for example, wears a ship, compass, bulldog and life buoy in his “do,” while fruit and wine bestow the headdress of a chubby socialite. Other witty and gorgeous characters help make the book involved and interesting.

Giselle, though, maintains her simple girl look, with plain hair but a belt full of hairstyling tools ready to go, and her surprising triumph and winning bald head adds a happy twist to the tale.

A gloriously innovative picture book for all ages, “The Vanities” rocks!